About Us

Vital Elements was born out of a deep desire to fulfill daily needs of society at large by providing solutions and products to cater health, safety and environmental needs. Our vision is common to the entire team at Vital Elements, and all of us want to make an accountable difference.We wish a modest start ourselves, however our products are bold statements of well researched, hand picked and being true to our commitment to health, safety and environment. We launch ourselves during a time engulfed by the Pandemic COVID 19 and believe there is so much that everyone must come forward and contribute to assist society and sail these difficult times. Our products are all instant resolutions being non harmful and non hazardous; assisting our customers to mitigate risk by habituating non toxic, non alcoholic and safe products.

We are a team of professionals from Mumbai who have come together to create value products across the spectrum of societal needs, with a commitment to provide health, safety and unmatched environment friendly products. We have introduced an array of antimicrobial nano particle disinfectant solutions which are extremely safe to use. Our flagship product VIROSHIELD, provides continuous safety against viruses, and bacteria, including Corona for over 90 days post application in a simple DIY (Do-IT-YOURSELF) application. Other products such as NATURALIS offer an economical solution to disinfect vegetables and fruits besides preserving them for almost 3 weeks. Our goal is to keep increasing our product portfolio with innovative products and across household uses, water treatment, and industrial solutions.


To become a trusted organisation, providing unmatched, healthy, safe and environment friendly products to customers at reasonable prices.

100% Eco Friendly

All Our Product ingredients are safe, eco-friendly and biodegradable

No Harmful Ingredients

Our products do not contain any chemicals that may cause any harm to your health

Lab Tested

All our products are tested and approved by recognized, acceptable labs

Easy To Use

All our products are easy to understand and self-use


We'll do everything to ensure focus on research and development to keep introducing many such safe and awaited products.