Make Your Establishment, Business & Workplace Safe for Re-Opening

The COVID-19 pandemic has left almost all businesses with no choice but to close down for a period of time. If your business has remained open, then you may have had reduced operations and reduced footfall. Whilst we may be unsure of when the lockdown will be entirely lifted or restrictions relaxed, and when the time comes for business’s to return to ‘normal’, Companies should assign extra precautions to reassuring their employees and visitors that their premises are extremely safe and hygienic.
During the period of closure; dirt, bacteria and grime may have built up and one would want to ensure that there is a minimum spread of any harmful bacteria that poses a risk to people. If you need to kill germs and bacteria on surfaces, your business will need more than just cleaning – it needs disinfecting and antimicrobial active coating too. High levels of hygiene and cleanliness can be achieved by investing in professional services who have the expertise, experience and utilise the correct resources to properly disinfect and apply antimicrobial active coating to your property.

With VITAL ELEMENTS, you can make sure your business is a safe space when you are ready to get back to work. By taking the time to clean your assets, your employees can be safe in the knowledge that their working environment is hygienic, reducing the spread of infection which can lead to happier and more productive employees and less sick days. With the support of VITAL ELEMENTS specialised services we can help to ensure continuous safety and health of your staff and visitors.
Our professionals are well trained on all the latest regulations and methods obtaining the necessary skills to service your facilities effectively; whether you own a restaurant, office, retail store, hotel, school or stadium. We will work with you to determine the best time to service your property.
We also provide flexible covid-19 specialised services whilst your business is closed or if it still operating which involves coming to your commercial property and disinfecting thoroughly with VIROSHIELD Layer and applying VIROSHIELD Coat.